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Tommy and Millie Productions-Services

Comprehensive film creation services

Tommy & Millie Productions is a full-service film company that transforms your ideas into compelling visual narratives. We collaborate with you to refine your concept, assemble the perfect team, and manage all aspects of film production. 

Full services film production

Our meticulous post-production process ensures your vision is realized to the fullest. Finally, we leverage our extensive network to launch your film, ensuring it resonates with your target audience. We specialize in creating unique educational films that inspire change.

Tommy and Millie Productions - development and planning
Development & Planning:

This is where the magic happens in movie-making! The awesome idea for the film is born. The story gets whipped up and a script starts to take shape.

Tommy and Millie Productions - pre-production

Once we've got your message down pat, it's time to get everyone organised. We'll need a killer cast and crew, and we'll need to plan out each step of the way to make sure everything fits together perfectly in the end.

Tommy and Millie Productions - production

This is where all the action happens! We've got camerawork, lighting, art, makeup, costumes, and keeping track of all that sweet, sweet data.

Tommy and Millie Productions - post-production

Once we're done filming, we'll do a little bit of tweaking, like editing, colour grading, and adding music to make sure everything looks and sounds just as we imagined.

Tommy and Millie Productions - distribution

Alright, time to launch the film! Now we gotta put all the pieces together to make sure it's a hit with our intended audience.

Tommy and Millie Productions - opening night
Opening Night!

Get ready for a super exciting Opening Night of your film! The red carpet will be rolled out and your stars will make a grand entrance. This is going to be a night you won't forget!