The Story of Tommy & Millie Productions

At Tommy & Millie, our belief is in contributing to society by supporting social enterprises. The significant role these enterprises have played in our growth as an organisation is so profound that their key characters are reflected in our name.

Our inaugural film, “Tommy”, based on the children’s book by Darren Mort, “Tommy and Tiger Terry”, was produced in collaboration with the To Be Loved Network. This film depicted the distress of divorce and the loneliness children can experience in the divorce process.

In an ongoing partnership with To Be Loved, we will soon release a new film that follows “Millie” through her struggles with family separation and the challenges faced by a child during family breakdown.

If you have a film idea that questions societal norms and aims to deliver significant messages, reach out to Tommy & Millie Productions today. 

Tommy and Millie Productions - About Darren Mort and Millie the Movie

Tommy and Millie Productions was born out of a deep understanding of the emotional turmoil children experience during parental separation. Our founder, with his extensive experience as a Family Law Barrister, recognized the profound need for resources that could help children navigate their feelings during these challenging times.

We believe in the power of storytelling and the impact of visual narratives. Our mission is to create engaging and inspiring films that resonate with children, helping them make sense of their distress. These films are not just for children, but also for parents, offering them a window into the emotional landscape of their children.

Parental conflict can have a significant impact on children. Through our films, we aim to illuminate this impact, encouraging parents to understand and address the emotional needs of their children.

At Tommy and Millie Productions, we are committed to producing materials, movies, and resources that can assist children and their families during these difficult transitions. We believe that with the right support and understanding, families can navigate these challenges and emerge stronger.

Join us on this journey of empathy, understanding, and healing.

About the Founder

Tommy and Millie Productions - About Darren Mort

Darren Mort has been involved in acting and movie-making for decades. He is a professional actor and producer and his recent short film on Family Violence “Degree of Separation” won 7 international film awards, including Best Foreign Film in Hollywood and Outstanding Excellence Awards.

As a Family Law Barrister for over 30 years, Darren’s legal specialty is family separation. He has particular interest in how children navigate through family breakdown and commits much of his creative energy to projects which raise the awareness of the challenges children face.

Darren is Founding Director of the charitable foundation, “To Be Loved Network”, which produces resources advancing the best interests of children navigating conflict in parental separation.


Darren Mort

The “To Be Loved Network” is a charity organization that focuses on supporting children and young adults who are experiencing distress due to parental breakdown, separation, or family violence
Their mission is to promote the prevention of mental illness among these individuals, particularly those exposed to the legal system as a result of family breakdowns.

The network aims to educate family members, judges, and other legal professionals about the pressures children face during family turmoil.

They provide resources to support parents and give children a voice, helping to prevent and relieve the anxiety and emotional suffering of children experiencing family breakdown.