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Tommy & Millie Productions is the home of cinematic storytelling. Based in Melbourne and founded by Darren Mort, we specialize in bringing children’s stories to life on the big screen.

Our passion lies in leveraging the art of film to captivate audiences by creating media with meaning.

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The Home of Tommy and Millie Productions

At Tommy & Millie Productions, our mission is to endorse social enterprises that are actively working towards societal improvement.

The significant role these enterprises have played in our growth is so profound, that their key characters are reflected in our name.

Our inaugural film, “Tommy”, was produced in collaboration with the To Be Loved Network. This film depicted the distress of divorce & the loneliness children experience in the divorce process.

In an ongoing partnership with To Be Loved, we will soon release a film that follows “Millie” through her struggles with family separation and the challenges faced by her during family breakdown.

If you have a film idea that aims to deliver significant messages, reach out to Tommy & Millie Productions today.

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Latest Project

In an ongoing collaboration with “To Be Loved”, a forthcoming film will be unveiled that chronicles Millie’s personal struggles with her parents’ divorce and the challenges she faces as a child navigating through the fallout.

Award Winning Movie Making

Meet the Founder

Tommy and Millie Productions About Darren Mort Home

Darren Mort has been involved in acting and movie-making for decades. He is a professional actor and producer and his recent short film on Family Violence “Degree of Separation” won 7 international film awards, including Best Foreign Film in Hollywood and Outstanding Excellence Awards.

As a Family Law Barrister for over 30 years, Darren’s legal specialty is family separation. He has particular interest in how children navigate through family breakdown and commits much of his creative energy to projects which raise the awareness of the challenges children face.

Darren is Founding Director of the charitable foundation, “To Be Loved Network”, which produces resources advancing the best interests of children navigating conflict in parental separation.


Darren Mort

Home of Tommy and Millie Productions Team

The Tommy and Millie Productions team comprises of skilled professionals in filming – both cast and crew – who are carefully selected to best suit your project.